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Parish Council Meeting August

The Milwich with Fradswell Parish Council Meeting will take place at Milwich Village Hall on Wednesday 18th August at 7:30pm. 

The draft Agenda for the meeting can be seen by clicking here.

The draft minutes of the July meeting can be seen by clicking here

A full list of all our councillors (updated April 2021) can be seen by clicking here. Contact them if you wish to raise issues relating to the Parish. Dr. Malcolm Calhaem and Mr. Fergus Cameron represent Fradswell, the remaining Councillors represent Milwich parishioners.

If you want to find out more about the role and responsibilities of the Parish Council and its Councillors then click on this link to take you to the Communities, Parishes and Local Councils website.

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Update on Play Area

It has been some considerable time since meetings took place to determine the future of the Play Area in Milwich. During this time a considerable sum has been raised to help with the refurbishment and these funds are held by the Parish Council. This, however, is not sufficient to carry out refurbishment and significant grant funding is required.

When the Parish Council looked in to applying for grant funding it became apparent that they would not get this unless they owned the land or had a long term lease on the land. Currently the land and play equipment are owned by Stafford Borough Council who were approached about a possible Community Asset transfer or lease. At the time this was considered to be a good option by the Borough Council officers.

Unfortunately, due to reorganisation this decision has been delayed for a very long time. This however now appears to be back on the agenda and Stafford Borough Council are now considering a transfer of ownership of the Milwich Play Area to the Parish Council or offering a long term lease.

All we can do is wait, the wheels of local government grind extremely slowly. Once ownership is transferred, the Parish Council can then they can reopen negotiations with possible grant agencies.

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