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Message from Green Lea School

A telephone call has been received locally asking for a donation to support Child Protection at Green Lea First School. Please note this is NOT from the school and we would never contact people in this way.

Thank you for your support towards Green Lea.

Katy Wilson – Headteacher

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Parish Council Meeting June

The Milwich with Fradswell Parish Council Meeting will take place at Fradswell Village Hall on Wednesday 16th June at 7:30pm.

The draft Agenda for the meeting can be seen by clicking here. Note: Agenda updated 14th May to include Election of Chair and Vice Chair.

The draft minutes of the May meeting can be seen by clicking here

A full list of all our councillors (updated April 2021) can be seen by clicking here. Contact them if you wish to raise issues relating to the Parish. Dr. Malcolm Calhaem and Mr. Fergus Cameron represent Fradswell, the remaining Councillors represent Milwich parishioners.

If you want to find out more about the role and responsibilities of the Parish Council and its Councillors then click on this link to take you to the Communities, Parishes and Local Councils website.

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Redirection of Milwich Footpath 28

A notice has been received regarding a proposed rerouting of Milwich Footpath 28 at Dayhills Farm. Full details of the proposed new route are in the notice which can be seen by clicking here.

Anyone who has a comment or objection to this proposal should inform the Parish Council Clerk by email at parishclerk@milwich.com and also directly to Robin Carr at robin.carr1@btinternet.com

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The Parish Council Accounts are available and the public can exercise their right to view and comment on the accounts.

See the Notice by clicking here

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Maintenance of Milwich Website

Milwich website is run and maintained solely by volunteers. We rely on information being supplied by others. We need your help!

Please let us have news of events or reports of activities so we can keep the site current. Please supply any information to info@milwich.com.

The more information we have, the more relevant the site can be for the people of Milwich and visitors.

This is particularly important as we move forward out of the current situation.

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Walking around Milwich

As the weather improves and more people are getting out and about in the lanes and the footpaths around Milwich, can we please remind dog owners to clear up after their dogs. There is an increasing amount of dog mess on the lanes and verges. It is equally important in the fields as it can be very detrimental to other animals.

Whilst walking through fields please keep to the rights of way and keep your dog under close control and on a lead near livestock, especially sheep and lambs. The only exception is if your dog is chased by cattle, let it go for your own and the dog’s safety.

The footpaths are there for the use of everyone so please enjoy your time in the countryside whilst following the Countryside Code.

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Walking around Milwich

Whilst we are still in the current lockdown, I know many people are enjoying the footpaths around Milwich and surrounding Parish’s. As well as a published book, all the local walks can be found on the website by clicking here.

When we are allowed to travel further there are a lot more walks on the Walking in Staffordshire website.

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Brown Bin Collection from January

The Parish Council have asked us to advise all residents about the charge that will be introduced by Stafford Borough Council. From January 1st 2021.

From that date, if you want your Brown Bin emptied it will cost £36 per year. All residents will receive a letter with information shortly.

The Borough Council said:

“You may be aware that around 65% of local authorities across the country already charge their residents for this. Collecting garden waste is not a statutory service – and last year we announced that unfortunately we would have to introduce a £36 annual charge for those households who wanted to continue with the brown bin service.

Our council has been commended for the way it has managed its finances. But there is no escaping the very real financial pressures that local authorities are facing – and this has now been amplified as we respond to, and recover from, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The money raised from the collection of garden waste will help with these budgetary pressures and therefore protect other essential services to our residents.

We will be sending all residents information directly about this change but please can you also circulate this website address within your parish www.staffordbc.gov.uk/brownbin

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New Milk Delivery Service for Milwich

ADW Milk – The Local Milkman

New villages added to my route.


~Deliveries will commence Monday 15th June~

You can now receive a fresh locally produced milk & produce delivery 3 mornings per week. 😆
Thanks for your patience! Arran 🥛 🍞 🧈 🧀

Please Register Now


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Sandon Village Stores

Sandon Village Stores is an ideal place to buy household essentials during (and after) the current crisis. It is our closest convenience store, just a couple of miles down the road.

Liann took over the shop shortly before the crisis took hold and is now open 7 days a week to serve the local community so make sure you support her in her new venture!

Full details of opening hours etc. can be found on the website or by clicking here

Good Luck Liann.

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Milwich Post Office

The latest announcement on business closures excludes Post Offices and banks. Therefore Milwich Post Office is not affected.

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Footpath Maintenance work

The wet and stormy weather so far this year has prevented any footpath work. It has also created additional work.

The team had a new and somewhat more technical challenge this week. The footbridge over the Brook below the Church has been inundated during the rains. This has resulted in the foundation on the south side of the bridge to be severely eroded. Fortunately the bridge is still secure and is sitting on the sleepers that support the bank.

So on a dry Sunday morning a group of volunteers set out to repair the damage and prevent a worse situation in the future. Unfortunately, vehicular access was out of the question so we had to carry our tools and materials from the Church car park.

Four men and a dog cleared the debris off the bridge, jacked up the bridge 12cm (5 inches in our language, none of us were born after 1953 except the dog) and inserted an additional sleeper under the end of the bridge. The hole was then filled with gravel from the bed of the Brook.

The finished job should keep the bridge safe for a while, at least until the next bad storm.

Also as a result of the storms, there is a dead tree blocking the Bridleway at the Coton end.

This is a job that the volunteers are not qualified or insured to undertake and so it has been reported to the Council and it is hoped that they will be able to remove it soon although they are inundated at present following the storms.

We could do with some new younger members of the group if anyone feels like helping out occasionally. Please advise us if there are other problems with the Rights of Way network in or around the Parish. We can be contacted at mac@milwich.com.

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