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Diane will be at The Green Man in June

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Missing Cat

Niki Turner is looking for her missing cat.

He is called Sid and is a black, short coated, adult, neutered male.
Last seen on Friday morning of 12th May. He lives at Hillcroft House, Wheatlow Brooks, Milwich. He never seems to wander very far from the property boundaries and spends a lot of time inside so it is very unusual for him to be missing.

We would be extremely grateful for any information or shares around the neighbourhood/village.

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Milwich with Fradswell Parish Council

The Parish Council have been without a Clerk for sometime and their website has not been updated. A new Clerk, Caroline Burnitt, is now getting up to speed and the website should be regularly updated.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Wednesday 17th May and the agenda can be seen here.

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A Successful Family Fun Day

Martin, who co-ordinated the Family Fun day last Sunday reports that it was a great success. He says:

“I hope everyone had a fantastic time and how lucky we were with the stunning weather, to think that on Tuesday we had a meeting to decide if it would go ahead due to the forecast, we were delighted they got it wrong !!

Everyone having fun

A huge thank you to everyone that helped organise it, baked cakes, painted faces, drew portraits for 4 hours, put up marquees and gazebos, as well as volunteers that manned the stalls and events, the sponsors and financial/raffle donors, it wouldn’t have been possible without your support and not forgetting all the visitors and the sports day participants, they were amazing .

There will be a financial reconciliation over the coming days and we’ll advise the funds raised for the decoration/maintenance of the village hall. 

Finally, there was one uncollected raffle prize, if “Mr Holland” pops in the Green Man (After 5pm Friday 12th May) with some ID he can collect his raffle prize.”

If anyone else has photo’s of the event, we would love to see them and gather them together on the website. Please email any pictures or videos to info@milwich.com and we will compile a gallery.

A short video

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