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National Rural Crime Survey.

Dear Watch Member,

The National Rural Crime Network are keen to get your views on rural policing.. What are your views on police response in your area? How does crime and the fear of crime impact your community? Are you concerned about threats to wildlife? Have your say by following the link below.


An image has been included below to accompany this message. Please scroll down to view it. If you can’t see it you may need to select “display images”. Alternatively check if it’s a separate attachment.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address: patrick.connor@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk

Ash Connor
Watch Liaison Officer
Rural Watch
Email: patrick.connor@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk
Tel: 01785 234129


Welcome to our e mail update. I aim to keep you informed of what’s going on but equally want to provide you with an opportunity to give feedback.

Don’t forget to get some ‘Festival Raffle Tickets’ available from behind the bar great prizes.

‘Milwich Duck Race and Music Festival’ Meeting Tonight at 8.30pm sharp.;

Thursday 28th May 2015

Food Specials;

Thursday Curry Club;-Beef Rogan or Mixed Fish Tikka

Friday Night Special:- Chicken Chow Mein


Sunday Sunday Roast- Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

Cask Ale’s; , Bombardier, Draught Bass, Black Sheep Ale, Moonshine or Black Country Bitter

On Soon Directors, Glaslyn Ale.

Forthcoming Events; Sunday31stto Saturday 6th June 2015.

Sunday- Nathan Bragg Live from 5.00pm see attached poster


Tuesday- Summer Dominoes League Cup Round 1 Home


Thursday- Curry Club-

Friday- Friday Night Special:- Fish and chips

Saturday- Rod and Ruth Away please note NO FOOD

Don’t forget there are more details on our web page:- www.greenmanmilwich.com

As always Ruth and I look forward to welcoming you.

Milwich Duck Race and Music Festival 17th 18th 19th July 2015

MUSIC NIGHT POSTER 2015 (1).docx

Classic Car Display


Their will be a Classic Car Display in conjunction with the 28th Annual Produce Show on Saturday 5th September 2014.

Full details can be obtained from Mark Burton on 01889 505332 or by e-mail to info@milwich.com.



The Milwich and District Produce Guild will be holding their Annual Show on Saturday 5th September 2015.

Full details and a show schedule can be obtained from Mike Baggaley on 01889 270161 or Chris Bulman (Show Secretary) on 01889 505053 or by e-mailing to info@milwich.com


Online Fraud

Dear Watch Member,

Fraudsters often target ‘goods for sale’ adverts on popular online auctions sites, so watch out whenever you’re selling anything online.

How does the fraudster operate?

The fraudster will contact the seller to say that they want to buy the advertised item.
The seller then receives what looks like a genuine PayPal email, to confirm that the money has been paid by the buyer into their account.

With confirmation of payment, the seller will then send the item to the buyer’s address. The seller will later find that the PayPal email is fake and that the money has not been paid. The seller ends up losing out twice as not only do they not have the money, but they no longer have the item to sell.

Protect yourself:

• Check your PayPal account to ensure that the money has been paid in and has cleared into your bank account before you send the item to the buyer.
• Do not be bullied or rushed into sending items before you know that the payment has cleared – a genuine purchaser will not mind waiting a day or two for you to send them their item.
• If you are selling a vehicle, think carefully when selling to overseas purchasers – especially if they tell you they will send an extra payment for shipping – check that the funds have cleared before arranging this.

If you need to reply regarding this message, click on this email address: ronnie.turner

Ronnie Turner
Police Manager
Neighbourhood Watch
Email: ronnie.turner

After many years of dedicated service Jenny Baggaley has retired as Parochial Church Council Secretary.

The Church Wardens are looking for a replacement. Could you help? If so, or if you would like to find out more about the role, please contact the Church Wardens for more information. See here for contact details.


Notes of the meeting held on 22nd April regarding the future of the Play Area are now available on the website or by clicking here.


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